Saturday, November 6, 2010

What a Grand Opening!

Last night was the grand opening of the Gallery! We had a fabulous turn out. Lots of friends and neighbors and lots of interested passersby came to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

I was interviewed a couple of days ago for an article in the Missoulian newspaper about the Missoula Storefront Art Project. There was also a big mention about the shop. I was thrilled the article made the front page! A lot of the visitors last night said they came because of the article. So neat.

Here's a picture of me before the chaos. I look so full of energy, don't I? I don't feel or look so enthusiastic today. I'm tired from worrying myself into a frazzle yesterday. I do believe I was going non-stop from 8am until 9pm yesterday. Then Michael and I were talked into going to celebrate afterward. This is not such an easy feat anymore. The constant go-till-you-drop... well I've officially dropped! But I'll be back up tomorrow, not to worry.

Mia, a tried and true great girl and one-of-a-kind helper!
She even filed for me without being asked!

Jiah has a tremendous sense of pride in the shop. You'd think he owned the place.
Maybe someday...

I didn't get any shots of the store as it was full of life and festivities, I was too busy schmoozing. This one was taken as the last few people were walking out. That's Kim Shirley there with the luscious red hair. She was our featured artist last night for the First Friday Artwalk.

This was so much fun. I really have to thank my stars that I have such wonderful people in my life that contributed their energy to this. I know it wouldn't have been a success without them. My dearest Michael, Kathy Roth, Debby Florence, my children, and pretty much the entire city of Missoula. Thank you!

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