Monday, November 15, 2010

Heidi Zielinski - Fiber Artist

One of the first artists to include their work in the gallery was Heidi Zielinski. She found me through the TARTS, a fiber art group based in Hamilton, MT when I put out a call to artists through them. Being a fiber artist myself, I wanted to be sure and include some of the fine work of other Montana fiber artists. Click to link to her website, or her blog here.

This is what she has to say about her art:

"I am a fiber artist using fabric, beads, and thread to create art quilts that reflect the beauty and joy of nature and life. I use color, line, and texture to make abstract images that invoke feelings and memories. I am inspired by color and pattern in fabric and sometimes by interesting beads or fibers to create art that is exciting and unique.

"Although my quilts reflect a variety of techniques and styles, my most frequent composition is a collage type background using machine piecing and machine applique. My work is made up of layers beginning with the fabric, enhanced by free motion quilting, and finished off with beading or other embellishment. I use each layer to create paths that help to move the viewer's eye around the piece to discover the details I have put there. I love to combine unusual colors and textures creating interest and sometimes an unexpected result. I am inspired to use stone, bone, horn, and glass beads of many styles, as well as the traditional seed beads and bugles. The beads are a wonderful compliment to the texture and pattern of the fabric and the threadwork.

"I create depth, texture, and movement on my work with intensive free motion quilting and by using cutouts, layering, dangling beads/fringe and fabric (often leaves), and whatever else works to bring the quilt out from the wall and grab your interest. My passion for my work can be seen in every piece I create and I still marvel at the beauty of it."

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