Monday, June 22, 2009

Found in a Box in the Garage

These are some REAAAALY old drawings I found in a box in the garage a couple of weeks ago. They were done before I moved to Missoula between 1999 and 2002. That seems like a lifetime ago. I had totally forgot about most of them. In fact, I've been doing so many abstract works, collages and other oddities, I almost forgot I could actually draw! Though I suppose that's still up for debate...

"Children are the Last Fairytale Creatures" & "Maestro"

"Barbie" & "My Beaufort Bedroom"

"Even Insects Get the Blues"

"My Beaufort Kitchen"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Retreat

The Gardners have just returned from our summer getaway at Camp Tuffit on Lake Mary Ronan. It was beautiful, even when it was raining and thunder storming.

There is a nice sense of community to the camp. There is a shop, a cafe, a nightly hosted campfire, cozy, fully appointed cabins and a friendly staff. Most campers have been there years in a row. It actually is hard to make reservations because most families have a "standing" reservation. This is our second year. We had to wait till someone canceled last year and plan on booking every year for at least one weekend now that we're IN. Some families have been going for generations.

The lack of water in the cabins is kind of quaint. You have to lug buckets into the kitchen and use big basins to wash dishes. There's a lot of water chucking going on in the mornings out the cabin back doors.

I think the thunder and lightning added a little mystery to the camp. Especially when my 11 year old daughter went out on a boat with friends and then the lightning started right over the lake. It was a mystery to me that I didn't panic too hard. The moment they got back to the dock a huge clap and flash went across the far shore. Yikes!

The rain was intermittent but forceful. Bright sunshine mingled with drenching downpours. It was actually kind of refreshing.

I brought a knitting project to keep my hands busy in case the fishing was bad.

And it was.

But the knitting was good! It spawned a conversation with a wonderful woman with a wonderful name. Melanie Cross. One of the awesome people who work at the Camp saw me knitting and told me about Melanie. She owns a store in Kalispell Montana called Camas Creek Yarn. I struck up a conversation with her around the campfire. She is such a cool lady! In addition to some pointers and tips for the bag I was making, I got a "free sample" button for the front. A 2-inch abalone square. NICE!

So when I got home I immediately checked out her website and the store is amazing. She and her husband Andy took an old historic storefront and restored it to the original brick walls and ornate ceiling. And her yarn selection is unreal! She carries yarn of all types- hemp, wool, mohair, silk, cotton, blends- from all over the world. Tons of books, patterns, and classes if you are lucky enough to be nearby.

I'm definitely going to stop by and shop... and say hi to my new friend.

In stitches,


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post 1

don't let your kids stay up to watch pet semetary. it's the wrong thing to do.