Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surprise! Kids!

I had a plan for today. I was going to come home from work around noon thirty and spend the rest of the afternoon finishing up the readying for the craft fair in Helena on Saturday. I had more lotion to make, a couple of signs to print out, and some other last minute details I hadn’t gotten to yet.

But, Nature had other plans. Our big, fat, pregnant goat was overdue to have her kids and –Surprise!—they were born while I was working today.

babs 006

I guess there are worse things that could have interrupted my schedule! Nelly is a great mother. When I got home it was pretty evident that they had only been born less than an hour ago. They were still quite matted and they were laying right next to placenta. Two of them were up and walking, while one was still receiving the royal licky treatment from mom. I think I actually squealed!

Butter and Lily, the other 2 goats in the pen, were running circles like they were celebrating. New babies! New babies!

I got busy checking on the kids, making sure they had all their parts and who was a girl and who was a boy. There are 2 girls and a boy. The last born is the smallest. She was concerning me with her funny leg and squished up stance. She didn’t want to nurse either. I gave her some Nutra Drench ~ a supplement for newborn goats that helps them get the energy get started nursing and walking.

Then there was cleaning to get done. I got rid of the placenta (YUCK!) and swept up the area where they were lying and laid down some new straw. Mom got fresh water and a big meal of grain and hay. She was pretty excited for that.

babs 011

By the time I got done with that little baby girl was ready to nurse. She was screaming her head off, but mom was eating and not particularly interested in stopping. I picked up the little bundle and hauled her over to Nelly. After a few rather hilarious attempts, she finally figured out which end was the food end. When she’d had enough I put her down with big brother and sister to nap.


I suppose I still have a few hours left to get my fair together, but now I’m exhausted!

So, yeah, I’m going to be in Helena on this Saturday, March 31 for the Spring Craft Fair at the Civic Center. I’ll be bringing lotion, soap, and other arty goodies.

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