Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is HERE! Sort of...

So, it is spring. At least, that is what the calendar says. You wouldn't really know it around here. Sure, the snow is melted, mostly. And the ground is thawed, mostly. But it sure isn't green yet. Or warm.

There is a goat due to burst here shortly. That is a definitely a sign of spring. (Note the ice that refuses to melt right behind her.)

So is the fact that spring cleaning is in full swing. Everywhere I look there is mud to wade through, poo and moldy hay piles that need composting, pine needles that need raking, pine cones and pine branches that need picking up, fences that need mending, compost that needs turning and things that got blown out of place by the gale force winds that accompanied the snow this winter.

In case you haven't noticed, NONE of that is clean work. Or light work because nothing is really dry yet. The ground may be thawed, but it is a soggy bog of mud. Each step makes an audible sucking sound. It's gross.

I will be so excited when the ground dries up a bit, things green up and bud, and I can see if my raspberries survived the goat attack last fall. Till then, I'll be outside with muck fork in hand. When it's all cleaned up, I may have to throw a party just to celebrate the fact that I'm done.


  1. Goats look SO miserable (from my way of thinking) when they're this pregnant. It looks like it would hurt. Last I heard it was TIME for the arrival...no new signs yet? And what does the new puppy think of the goats...or are you keeping him out of the muck and mire? I think your life looks pretty idyllic...

    1. No kids yet! She's been a slow developer. Her babies have "dropped" in her tummy, but her bag still isn't full. Oy. Gus thinks the goats are great fun till he gets headbutted. Then he runs for cover.