Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time flies when you're so busy you forget you're having fun


According to my last post it has been 6 months since I sat down and wrote. A big whole lot has happened since last November. I guess I'll start at the beginning and maybe I'll get to the end in this one little post. Maybe I'll just stop when my fingers start to bleed and come back to it.

On the house front, we now have our first home! It is the one we had our eye on back in October. Good things come to those who wait. That's what "they" say and sometimes "they" are right. It took until April to close, but it has been worth the heartache, struggle and wait.

Michael and I (and sometimes the kids when we can pull them off the Netflix!) have been busy upgrading and improving our 60 year old cottage by the river. Everyday seems to bring new things to ponder... what color should we paint the kitchen? should we keep this hideous carpet? how much will fencing the yard cost? what are we going to do with all this yard trash? where should we put the garden? will Spirit be happy in only a large pen rather than her 8 acre pasture? why is there so much grass to mow and would the neighbors mind if we didn't? and where do we put all of our stuff???

We had to paint the exterior in order to get our loan approved. But only the areas with peeling or chipped paint. Which means that we only did the least possible at the time to get the loan approved. Which also means that at the moment our house is half painted. When the weather warms up we will finish. I won't have a red/tan house forever. I swear!

Here's what it looked like during the painting process. Note the lovely carpet of pine needles and AstroTurf steps. The sun has been out a lot since then and the pine needles have been replaced by lots of lush greenness.

I've also moved my art/sewing studio from the Ceretana to the new house. I now have a studio/mud room. So awesome! It's small, but actually bigger than my studio at the Ceretana. AND it's rent is free, heat is available at a flick of a switch, the bathroom is cleaned regularly (sort of), and best of all, my family is here. Yay!

The day my studio got set up I had to start working. I was so psyched to have my room to myself to create in that I finished an art quilt in 2 days. In fact it's probably the technically best one I've done so far. It's colored with oil paint sticks and the flower is acrylic fabric paint, then embellished with embroidery. I'm happy with it...

I've also gotten a new etsy site set up. New house, new studio, new start. The Artsiehorse Studio I feel completely fresh and inspired right now. I can tell that this is about to be a very productive time of my life.

Yeah, that's enough for today. I can't decide what else to write about. 6 months really is a long time.

To be continued...

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