Friday, May 14, 2010

More from the last few months

I haven't done too much in the way of travel in over a year. Just a drive to the lake or to visit a local microbrewery here or there. So when I got a chance I jumped at it. Last month my sister Kacy got married in Carson City, Nevada. Carson is a looooong way from Missoula, Montana, let me tell you! My two young co-pilots and I drove the 15 or so hours down over 2 days and back over 2 days with 3 days of visiting sandwiched between. By the time we got back I was grumpy, tired, and cramped up from driving.

And, although I was super excited to see my family and be in the wedding of my little sister, we'd just started moving into our new house and had a ton of work to do. We were only half moved out of the old house by the time we left. Michael stayed back for both work reasons and to take care of the zoo while the kids and I were gone.

I really like my sister's new husband Cory. He is a stand-up kind of guy. He's taking on my sister (not easy, I know from experience) and her 3 lovely sons. It takes a special kind of man to love another's kids as his own. Kacy and I have been blessed with the men we found.

The wedding was beautiful, and so was Kacy. Mia and I even got nice looking bride's maid dresses (thanks Kacy!) which is important for not looking like an overstuffed sateen armchair. I didn't get any pictures of Jiah at the wedding. He hid around back with the other restless boys until the ceremony started. Not much for primping with the girls, I guess.

Jiah and Mia loved hanging out with their cousins. It had been years since they all got to be together. Grandpa was lots of fun for them too. He brought 3 of his bizzillion guitars so the kids and he could play together. My oldest nephew Andy is quite the brilliant plucker! I hear he's a trumpet player too. I can't wait to hear his first album in a few years.

Just before the trip to Carson City and just before we moved into the new house, I started an internship at the Zootown Arts Community Center. I am the Pottery and Glass Fusing DIY Center manager. The internship involves working 4 or so hours per week inventorying, clear coating pottery, ordering supplies and bisque, and hosting a Saturday Ladies Night pottery class. So much nicer than cleaning houses! But I actually come home messier when I'm clear coating. That's drippy very stuff.

The last 2 weeks my job has been trying to get the kiln to work too. It's been having some technical difficulties and the pottery has been building up because we can't fire it. I replaced some parts and wires the other day (Melanie, electrician extraordinaire!) but it didn't fix the issue. Hanna, the director at the ZACC, is on the case and I'm sure it will be fixed soon. She's like Wonder Woman and my kindergarten teacher wrapped up in one person. I'm pretty sure she can fix anything.

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