Saturday, July 4, 2009

ME? an Art Teacher??

Last Thursday I had a meeting with a fabulous artist and person, Hanna at the Zootown Arts Community Center. Hanna is the director/founder/teacher/woman extraordinaire of the ZACC. She's going on vacation to Alaska and needs a substitute for the first 2 days for a session of the kid's summer camp. And she asked ME to fill in for her! I am soooo completely flattered.

I've been volunteering on Fridays at ZACC and have put some effort into reorganizing the supply room so it's all accessible. All the people I've met there are wonderful. It's a great place.

In our meeting I got the lowdown on what I was to do in the class with the kids and how it should run. We are going to be making nature journals. How cool is that??
First day, we will put the journals together with book board and watercolor paper. We'll punch holes and thread the bindings. Then we'll do small ATC sized drawings of the plants around the building, feathers, skulls, etc. On the second day, I'm to demonstrate watercolor and pencil "observations". Then they'll do their own.

I ordered some books on Amazon to bring along and show the kids. I got "Keeping a Nature Journal: Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing the World Around You" by Clare Walker Leslie and "Creating Nature in Watercolor: An Artist's Guide" by Cathy Johnson. I just hope I get them in time! The class starts on the 20th.

I think it all sounds way too fun. Maybe I will quit my day job cleaning houses and be a full time art teacher... maybe. (keep dreaming, kid)
But seriously, I am so excited for this opportunity, I am dancing on the inside.

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  1. Woohoo you go girl. They will love you and maybe this is just the opportunity you need to go forward to a new beginning.