Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Artsiehorse Studio & Gallery

We're open!
This has been quite the crazy ride.
Getting a small boutique gallery open for business is not a simple task. It involves begging and pleading with tired kids and husbands to help wrangle furniture,
multiple submissions of DBA paperwork because I can't fill out forms correctly, tons of phone calls, emails, mailings, and lots of support from friends and neighbors. (thanks friends and neighbors!)

Well, we're here now, we're full of fun things, decorated, and the doors are open should anyone happen by.

This is the window display done by one of the local artists here in Missoula to help support the Missoula Storefront Art Project.

Some views of the beautiful work by me, a few local artists and a few great friends strewn across the globe.

We'll be joining the First Friday festivities every month. This first First Friday has been grabbed up by a great local watercolor artist, Kim Shirley. Kim's work usually focuses on western life, horses, cowboys, and old pickups and buildings. This time Kim gives us a more exotic flavor with images from her recent trip to Italy. Thanks Kim!

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