Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I've been mute here for a while. My mind has been elsewhere. So, I'll let you know. I am in a mad fit of house hunting insanity. If this were easy, I'd have done it years ago. This will be house numero uno for our family and I want it to be the RIGHT house. One we will spend 10 years in hopefully. I want to put in a garden, paint walls, build a barn, put up a picket fence, and make it mine mine mine! It is time.

When we find new digs, I'll post up pictures. For now, just hope I don't start sobbing due to the immense amount of stress trying to decide and weigh pros and cons of buying something that costs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. House buying is quite literally a crazy person's endeavor. Yes, I am crazy. Or if I'm not now, I am well on my way.

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