Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am now an official studio artist. Rent is paid, shelves put up, supplies shuttled in. Time to make a mess!

The studio is in the Ceretana Feeds building which is an old historic grainary next to the railroad tracks in Missoula. It has since been turned into a hip gallery and studio spaces for artists in the community. And rent is CHEAP! I pay $85 per month for a place to call my own. Granted my studio is the size of a large walk in closet, but it's mine. And I have access to the gallery whenever I need more room "express".

The gallery participates in the monthly "First Friday Art Walk" in Missoula where on the first Friday of each month galleries and shops in town hang new art and have a reception night. The interesting thing about this is that my studio is right off the gallery. So, when there's a reception going on, alls I have to do is open my door and crash the party by inviting people in to my space. Voila! Instant Gallery opening! (yes, it's fine with management to do this, I've been given permission)

When I'm all done rearranging and decorating, I'll post more pictures of my loverly workshop.

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  1. Oooohhhh melicious I'm so jealous (not really hun). Can't wait to see pics of the new studio.