Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gardner’s Farm Update

The girly kid is getting big. We named her Sadie. She is such an acrobat. I should get her into dubstep music because she has got her parkour moves down. She is always bouncing from tree to tree and jumping over the other goats. So amusing.
ggg 001
Since I found out that my neck is seriously messed up about a month and a half ago, I haven’t cleaned the pen. It’s pretty gross right now, but I haven’t been able to rally the troops to do it for me. But, I can’t do it right now. I think I messed it up in the mad rush to get it cleaned up after the thaw. I was working at a crazy pace whenever I had a chance to get everything ready for summer and now I’m having shooting pains in my arm. Not good. So,now, the spring cleaning is still not all done. I would have been able to get it all done if I were more of a tortoise and not a hare.
Our mornings are still freezing so the tomatoes, peppers, squash, and flower seeds are still tiny and on the kitchen table. The peas and carrots are going good though.
This is our new gigantic chicken castle. Well, actually it is the unfinished garage that was on our property repurposed as a chicken coop. It was a work in progress for about a month while we brooded some chicks and ducklings in our master bath. When they grew enough feathers to fly/jump out of the metal tub they were in, it was time to finish it up. I didn’t like the poo on the toilet seat cover. So today, we hung the door.
ggg 005
ggg 002
Inside the chicken castle: Our friend gave us three adult chickens and this lovely tractor coop. She had an urban chicken set up and had had her fill of chicky-poop on her picnic table. I can’t blame her. We were happy to give them a good home and get eggs right away. Yay!
ggg 003 These are the babies we’ve been brooding for the last month. The ducks are so big now and still have no outer feathers. Still just all fluff, poor naked ducks. Keeping them all in the house for so long has made them very friendly. I’m glad to have birdy friends.
ggg 006
Lots to do when the weather gets warm, but I’m glad to do it when I can. I hope my neck feels better soon so I can dig in full speed again. But not too frantically like last time!

Random Fact #9

I wear pajamas to do the outside chores every morning because they happen so early and I'm too lazy to put actual clothes on.  This is one of my favorite Morning Chores ensembles: gray thermal, pink elephant capri jammies, veregated handknit socks in browns, and I was wearing pack boots because they are easy on when my coordination is at a low. I'm sure the neighbors get a kick out of it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random Fact #8

Easter is probably my favorite holiday because it embodies the promise new beginnings and spring time and baby animals are everywhere. That was a horrible run on sentence.